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Audrey / Pleat Skirt - London

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    Photo By:  Art Jefferson
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    Audrey rocks this look, teaming a long pleat skirt with a blouson-style jacket and polo-neck.  By wearing all black but throwing on a white jacket over the top, this is pure fashion flair. 


    A go-anywhere combination
    This outfit really is a go-anywhere combination.  Whether you are exploring London, showing up somewhere that you need to make a good impression or going on a fun evening out, the striped long pleat skirt looks sophisticated and fashionable.  Here the tone is one of putting white over black so keep it consistent with black tights, as photographed here. Using the jacket as a white accessory really freshens up the whole look, showcasing the black.

    Say goodbye to long pleated skirts and the ultra-feminine look.  Here the dark colouring and integral stripes add a real hint of classy chic and dark elegance, particularly because it is matched with the black polo-neck.  Imagine yourself wearing this for that important job interview and you are sure to be selected! The splash of white added by the jacket really livens up the overall look, contrasting with the matching dark skirt, tights, boots and top.  Matching boots to what you are wearing is a great style tip. These black patent boots add a real touch of showmanship to what would normally be a very plain pleated skirt.




    Coming out of the 1920s

    The outfit really begins with the long pleat skirt with echoes of the 1920s.  This was the time of two-piece outfits and dresses were rarely seen. Long skirts were tops, particularly when worn with floaty sheer blouses and maybe a matching cardigan.  But today the vintage pleated long skirt is back with a force and no longer needs to remain as a 1920s look.

    Retro beatnik style

    And of course everyone has a black polo-neck jumper in their wardrobe, or should have.  This vintage classic brings back memories of retro beatnik style, a truly timelessly classic addition to any outfit.  The tall neckline has been left plain here but it would look great with a chunky necklace, acting as a real focal point.

    1980s Rule OK?

    Blouson jackets were major news in the 1980s and this example is no exception.  Perfect for those looking for a smart casual jacket, inspired by this look in the UK. A unique design, it has self-coloured stripes that match the skirt, loose turn-back cuffs and a stand-up collar.  Back in the day, this would have been the jacket that everyone wanted and now it can be yours. And being vintage makes it even better. It may show some signs of wear and history but then that is a wonderful story that comes with all pre-used and much loved clothing.

    Delectable footwear at its best

    Finally we come to the patent boots, carefully colour-matched to flow with the dark skirt and jumper.  This is delectable footwear at its best with 60s style circle motifs that add that special cutting-edge trim.  Great for wearing anytime and anywhere. Get your style together and make your outfits all about you with some stunning vintage examples from Wandering I, the best location for affordable trendy women's clothing.


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