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Purrr / Print on Print - LA

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    Photo By:  Art Jefferson
    Fashion Style: @purrrmelrose


    Print-on-print is no longer purely for the streets of LA but anywhere that you want to make a statement.  Mixing up patterns and prints used to be a no-go area but not any longer. In fact, the more you combine different textures, patterns and colours together, the better it gets.



    Edgy print mixing
    When it comes to getting dressed print-on-print, this outfit is a superb choice.  The secret is to let yourself go. Let your unconscious choose and don’t think twice about what you are fusing together.  Forget coordinating and go with edgy print-mixing.


    Heavenly 60s retro hippy boots
    See how to balance the look perfectly with these heavenly 60s retro hippy boots, fresh from the fields of Woodstock.  They don’t hold back when it comes to adding splashes of bright colour. These 1960s platforms embrace the ‘glamour rock’ look and coordinate perfectly with the animal print jacket.  Colour never got so good with the large block-print floral designs making this sixties short ankle boot footwear totally on-trend. These are the sort of platforms you would have seen making light of the multi-coloured disco lit floors.  Let your imagination run wild with these stylish boots, over printed with the brightest possible pop-art florals. Think Mary Quant and crazy colours and you are on the right track. Put the plain black pumps to one side and go with the brightest and most eye-catching boots that you can. 




    Add fun and artsy glamour

    The faux-fur cow print ladies white/black jacket UK is a bomber style jacket that adds fun and artsy glamour.  A waist-length jacket, it wows the current trend for animal prints, keeping it ethically acceptable by using faux-fur in a cow print.  With black ribbed collar and rolled up cuffs, this is the perfect ‘throw on’ jacket that makes every occasion fun.


    Mix pastels with bright florals

    By pairing with the baby pink wrap mini skirt with matching crop top, you are not only mixing up the pastels and crazy bright florals but also combining winter faux-fur warmth with summer beachwear.  Keep your legs bare or team up with funky tights (even try stripes) and you have a look that will turn heads. The matching pink bag from the French luxury fashion house, Kenzo, adds the perfect touch of 70s retro as well as unusual practicality. But don’t get lost in the admiring glances as this type of fashion mixing and matching is all about you.  Be free and as outrageous as you want to be. You don’t have to dress according to the season but instead, go for whatever the mood dictates. Forget formality and have fun with fashion.  Think of it as a fusion between colourful fashion clothes for women in the UK and a mix-up of a whole plethora of different genres.

    The Wandering I collection has all that you need to cut a dash with some LA street style.  Check it out today.


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