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Emma / Denim Jacket - LA

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    Photo By:  Art Jefferson
    Fashion Style: @missemmacole


    The LA streets are full of denim jackets, each one being worn a different way and in a varied style.  Most women have a denim jacket in their wardrobe, and who wouldn’t? This truly is a staple item that can add that special touch of relaxed style to any outfit.



    Add to your denim vintage collection
    Vintage jackets are extra special, as can be seen with many of the denim jackets on offer at Wandering I.  No longer casual wear only, a denim jacket such as the one photographed can be the first layer of a stunningly fashionable outfit, even those for the less casual occasions.  With that one special jacket, you can literally pull together a wealth of outfits using some of the other items already brimming over in your vintage collection.

    This LA-style denim jacket looks fresh and totally on-trend.  Flattering to everyone, no matter your colouring, the light wash means that it looks best matched with darker colours.  These dark coloured slimline pant trousers keep the classic look going and look fantastic as well as slimming down the lower body.  No matter your shape, curvy or straight, these semi-tailored trousers could be straight out of the menswear collection and yet look terrifically feminine.  Add a plain pair of black much-worn boots and you have the final finishing touch to a look that makes a statement.




    A casual but elegant vibe

    Make this outfit as laid back or as office-oriented as you wish.  Whilst this jacket could have looked cute and elegant worn over a long flowery skirt or even a pleated version, wearing it with the slimline trousers elevates the outfit to something that could be worn equally at home or in the office.  On warmer days, slip off the denim and show off the pretty neck scarf with a tailored white shirt. This gives a casual but elegant vibe, no matter the occasion. The street style fashion of LA carries the look through admirably, putting this denim wardrobe essential into a class of its own. Vintage jean jackets allow you to dress down fancier dresses or skirts and relax the style of tailored trousers and shirts.  By pairing this washed-out denim jacket with tailored pants, this outfit looks ready to go for any occasion, whether it’s a girlie weekend shopping expedition or a busy office meeting.


    Browse our denim jacket range

    Here Emma looks amazing and you can too.  Always ensure that you select the best fitting skinny trousers or jeans to complete the look.  Because we have chosen a dark coloured cloth for the pants, they flatter any figure, looking admirably sleek.  You can find more trousers like these on the Wandering I online women’s clothing store.

    Browse our denim jacket range today and find the perfect women’s coats and jackets in LA, the UK and all around the world.


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