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Spirit Of A Wanderer

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    Do you have the Spirit of a Wanderer?

    Then you need to explore Wandering i fashion and the exciting world of wandering clothes. Whether you wander the world for real in your VW camper van, preferring to travel by land rather than air or sea, or explore virtually, soaking up the sights and sounds of the world via the magic of the internet, once that wandering spirit is within you, it is there to stay.

    Explore the world

    It affects all that you do; the way you view the world, style your hair and the clothes you wear. Forget high street fashions or repeats of the same-old-same-old regurgitated time and time again. You want something fresh, inspirational and all about you and that’s wandering fashion with wandering dresses, pants, separates and accessories. You hold within you the spirit of the wanderer, yearning to live a nomadic lifestyle. You love to travel, seeing the sights, sounds and people of the world. Going with the flow, routine is not for you.

    You still wake up like everyone else in the morning, grabbing a cup of coffee to get your mind working. But when it comes to getting dressed, your wardrobe is not the same as everyone else’s. Each item of attire tells a story and the clothes you wear echo the meaning of the streets around you. As you meander through your day, just a small part of the long journey, you pick up hints of guidance from whatever is going on around you. This becomes a part of your clothes, your accessories and the way you wear them.

    Inside the wandering wardrobe

    You open the door, close it behind you and feel the friendly wind on your face. You are wearing an LA Lace Tunic Dress, with a lace-up front and fun tassel detail. The mix of the beaded neckline, batwing sleeves and handkerchief hem make this a wandering dress that puts a smile on your face, perfect for exploring in the sun covered with your favourite oversized floppy hat.

    You begin to sing, feeling so happy that maybe your heart will take flight. Your life is a dream of your own making and one that you would never change. Let’s take a spin through your wardrobe and see what other delights are in store.

    Moccasin feet are ready to take you on another part of your never-ending journey. You team them with a London Tassel Fringe Bag and LA Floral Applique Denim Jacket over the top of your favourite T-shirt and worn and faded jeans.

    Emphasising your bohemian side with floral applique embroidery detail, this jacket has accompanied you on so many adventures.

    Buy carefully and selectively

    The earth is yours to be explored. You value all around you and treat it with respect. And this goes for your clothes too. Forget chain store copies – you take the time to buy carefully and selectively, preferring vintage vibe and innovative independent labels.

    Hanging in your wardrobe is an LA Wild Flower Top with sounds of the Sixties reverberating from it. Cool and eclectic, you like to wear the ruffle neckline tied loosely so that it slides off your shoulders, letting plenty of sun catch your skin. You like to wear it with LA Drawstring Printed Pants that drape softly, flaring from the waist.

    Your heart dictates what you wear. It knows how to make you feel good, saying goodbye to regrets of the past and heading towards dreams of the future. Your clothes are all about you, putting you into the right mindset to follow your ambitions. This is wandering clothing that livens up your spirit and puts a spring in your step, ever guiding you on the wandering path that is your life. Today is the day to wear your Seoul Zipper Harem Pants, comfortable, sassy and sleek in black. Whether you are journeying, partying or simply spending time with like-minded friends, you always have room in your life for those that understand you. Just as you have journeyed and found your way through endless spaces, so you help others to do the same.

    The wanderer at work

    When you’re not travelling, you are planning your next adventure and working to fund your journeying. At work, your clothing taste doesn’t change. It remains vibrant and fun, as is shown by your favourite Seoul PU Leather Skirt. In a bright blue PU leather fabric, it always looks good no matter how you mix and match it. Another favourite for when you are working are these Seoul Pinstripe Wide Leg Pants. With the stripe adding a stylish edge, these pants look good at any time of day and equally good with heels or flats; your favourite is this pair of Seoul Leather Lace-up Brogues, always smart but never dull.

    By shopping online at Wandering i, you never have to worry about feeling uncomfortable in your clothes or seeing someone with the same outfit; after all, you are unique and your clothing needs to be the same. This is true originality at its best and because you can buy from the website, then wherever you are in the world, your fave outfits are delivered to you. Forget walking around shops in a mindless daze, returning home tired and dejected with nothing to show for your efforts. The wandering shop online is the destination for all those that have vibrancy in their souls and want to show the world their true spirit.

    If you identify as a wanderer and someone that likes to be original and free, there is no better store to enter than the site of wandering official clothing. Try out the wandering brand today and don’t be afraid to show the world who you really are. Step into the wandering official store and get your journey started.

    It’s so easy to get there. Simply open up the site at You can then sample the styles of cities such as London, New York, Seoul and Milan especially curated for you by the team at Wandering i.


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