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    Shop Independent Brands

    Why buy your clothes from an independent brand?

    Nowadays you don’t need to visit the high street to buy fantastic fashion. Simply by clicking onto the internet, you can literally shop until you drop. Shopping online has dramatically changed the way we shop for clothing. In the past, it was the norm to visit the stores of fashion retailers to find what we wanted. But this no longer applies. Add into the mix the onset of the Coronavirus epidemic and you have a large majority of shoppers wanting to play safe and shop from home.

    Vibrant and eclectic mixes of clothes

    Within minutes, it is now possible to connect with some of the best independent fashion brands, all from the comfort of your armchair, bed or even hammock! You will find some of the best fashions out there on the independent websites. Each brand has a different story that produces a vibrant and eclectic mix of clothes. All you need to do is find the independent brand that you most identify with. From this point on, the fun begins. Not only is shopping online convenient and safe but by buying from a store that is individualistic and unfettered by big-store restrictions, you can tap into unique ranges of clothes. Here you will find nothing like the offering from the big department stores; whereas they churn out vast quantities of the same styles, independent brands often offer one-off items. Buy these matchless pieces, very often bring the only one of its kind and you have an exclusive look that is all about you.

    True quality with innovative design

    Independent brands, such as us Wandering I promise clothing lines that are creative. When it comes to showing off something new, we don’t hold back. Here you get true quality with innovative fabrics, designs and styles. This is fashion that is truly interesting and different. For those looking for clothes that they have never seen before, something truly exciting and new, the independent brands is where you need to be. Forget chasing trends and create your own. Here you will find a consistency of style and quality – once you find an independent brand that you can identify with, stick with it.

    Clothing on offer from the high street retailers never got this exciting. Online you can find fashion from around the globe, all available at your fingertips. The best independent brands are those that innovate and keep the prices affordable. This way, they know people will keep coming back for more.

    Independent brands supply top quality

    Look for an independent brand with a strong message and an attractive vibe. Here at Wandering I, we have done all of the hard work to bring exclusive fashion to your door. We scour the globe, seeking out irreplaceable fashion items and put in the hours and the hard work to provide you with the best unique clothing.  You may not have the time to tour the world looking for exclusive fashion so let us bring the world to you! Why buy at chain stores, putting up with often poor quality and mass production when you can support communities? They don't buy from factory sweatshops nor do they promote them. Independent brands supply you with top quality in every direction, whether focused on product or price.

    If you haven’t shopped with independent brands before, give yourself a real treat today. Start by checking out the collections available right here at Wandering I


    Happy Shopping! 


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