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Kaniya - Wandering The Streets of Boston

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    Meet Kaniya, our cool global ambassador based in Boston, MA rocking our Seoul Pattern Cut Out Blazer

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    Kaniya here! 

    I am a Cambridge Massachusetts native, currently residing in a small city outside of Boston MA! When people ask me to define my brand and style, I tell them to think “the office but with a black female lead”. I am an everyday working professional that loves showing up to work as my best and fabulous self. I enjoy mixing prints, silhouettes, and patterns to create high-fashion inspired office looks. My favourite phrase that truly encompasses who I am, and where I WANDER is “From the cubicle to the Catwalk”. 

    What was your inspiration for rocking the Seoul Pattern Cut Out Blazer?

    I saw the purple jacket and I instantly thought, PRINCE with a modern TWIST! 

    I wore this purple jacket over a pair of pinstriped black dress pants for a brunch date! A combo that doesn't make any sense when you say it out loud given the rather dramatic blinged-out colour block flair that is the Seoul Pattern Cut Out Blazer, but this piece was truly a show-stopping garment and perfect for any and every special occasion when you just want to show up and show out! 

    What excites you most in life? 

    I am passionate about centering the experiences of black womanhood in all its forms and dimensions. I started a blog that uses fashion, witty captions, and engaging commentary to highlight the experiences of black women in predominantly white professions and spaces. Speaking to, and writing about (in my voice) issues or experiences that are at the heart of black womanhood is my life’s passion. 

    What is your favourite city that you have travelled to and what do you love most about it? 

    My first trip to Paris in 2013 was one that I will never forget! It was my first international voyage. I spent my days feasting on Parisian eats, interacting with the locals, and finding designer luxury goods at thrift shops and boutiques around the city. Though it was only a short study abroad trip, it expanded my world views, and allowed me to meet new people and connect in a meaningful way!

    What do you enjoy most about the Wandering I brand and what it represents? 

    It is a pleasure to work as a brand ambassador for the Wandering I brand because I truly believe in the mission and vision of the company. I resonate deeply with the identity of Wandering brand, one that centers the experiences of womanhood and fashion across the globe. The curated pieces are truly one a kind garments for the contemporary fashion-forward woman. 

    As a shopper, I can honestly say that the curated selection of clothing from around the world matches the uniqueness and quality of the pieces. It's a brand that transcends, time, space, and location.  

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